The Stadium, formerly known as the Ice Rink and/or Soccer Pitch is a room in Club Penguin. It is a replacement for the Ice Rink during the Summer and Autumn, in the Northern Hemisphere. It was added as a Members-only room on August 22, 2008, during the Penguin Games. After the party, the room was kept opened up to Non-Members.

How it Links to Preps

This is one of the main rooms for preps to be found in. Though not as common as before the Club Penguin University was open, they can still be found in this room. 


  • To many penguins' surprise, the Stadium changed back to the soccer pitch on March 14th, 2013, but usually the Stadium changes every six months, not three months.

The Sports Shop Booth

After the Popcorn Explosion, the Sports Shop was closed down and the building was replaced by the Everyday Phoning Facility. The Snow and Sports catalog, was moved to the Stadium, and a small booth was placed in the top right corner. Moving to the booth would take you to Snow and Sports, similar to the "dressing rooms" in the old Gift Shop.

In 2013, when the School was opened, this booth was removed to give space to the new path which connects the Stadium to the School.


  • The Soccer Pitch had red balloons, blue balloons, and signs during the Penguin Games.
  • The Soccer Pitch had pumpkins with face paints and the soccer ball was colored orange and purple during the 2008 Halloween Party.
  • During the Music Jam 2009, a yellow stage was there, with the seats in different places, but there was no ball. Music played when you got on the stage and stopped when you got off.
  • During the Stadium Games, the Stadium had 3 games to play: Target Champ, 100 Meter Waddle, and Jackhammer Rivals.
  • It was not decorated for the Holiday Party 2010, but when viewed from the Snow Forts it was decorated.


  • During the Card-Jitsu Party 2011, the Stadium looked like a war fight between the fire and water ninjas.


  • During the Medieval Party 2012, the stadium became a horse race. There are 3 stands: red, yellow & blue.
  • During The Fair, the Stadium transformed into a bumper car stadium.
  • During Operation: Blackout, the goals were covered in snow making them look like igloos and the field was frozen.