This is a prep.

Prep Haters are people who hate preps. They think preps are a hindrance on Club Penguin and should be banned or stopped. They can have a variety of reasons for disliking preps. Any person can be a prep hater, even if they look like a prep.

Why They Hate Preps

  • They don't have a reason and just hate because they can
  • Their friends hate preps
  • A prep or preps were mean to them and they want revenge
  • They want to troll them and make them angry
  • They genuinely think that they decrease the quality of Club Penguin
  • Because someone they look up to hates preps
  • They don't like how very few preps treat others
  • They think they are annoying when it comes to quotes such as "Puts On Midnight Madness Mascara!" or "Puts On Mango Tango Lip Gloss!".