Shooshoo Img Hoodie

What a girl hoodie might look like.

Hoodies are similar to Forestians, but they are less serious and not as dangerous.


Hoodies are usually found on the servers Abominable, Alaska, Blizzard, and Zipline.  Hoodies are found all over the island, but the most common places are the Stadium, the Forest, the Town, the Plaza, the Coffee Shop, and the Pizza Parlor.

Recognizing Hoodies

Hoodies are somewhat hard to recognize, as they may sometimes be confused for Forestians.


Hoodies are not serious.  That makes it one of the easiest things to know when you try to spot a Hoodie.

Hoodies use emotes of both sorts.  They use text emotes and menu emotes.

Hoodies also use a lot of details, but they misspell them a lot or use Zs.

Hoodies sometimes put up a fight.

They commonly like to torture preps and Pukies for good reason. They might mock them or just annoy them by butting into conversations or going up to them and farting on them.


Hoodies wear, hoodies of course!  They are named for their hoodie wearing.  They will wear any sunglasses, masks, or nothing.  They will wear any shoes and any hand items.  They will wear any neck item.  For the head, they wear the Flutterby wigs or the Sunstriker wigs or the Sidetied wigs.

The most common items used for Hoodies are the teddy bear, balloons, sneakers, Flutterby wigs, Sunstriker wigs, Sidetied wigs, diva sunglasses, PSA shades, black mask, brown color, peach color, scarves, bracelets, furry boots, and any hoodie.


Hoodies have a knack for annoying others, especially preps.  Hoodies may tell preps there are no lockers on the Stadium wall, they may fight the preps, or butt into a prep's personal conversation.  They may even mock the preps.  Sometimes Hoodies start Car Wars, and they'll run over preps or honk at them.